The Phylis Holliday Scholarship Fund

Honoring A Tireless Advocate for Mental Health - Phylis Holliday
Our dear friend and former associate, Phylis Holliday was, for a long time, the face of mental health advocacy in the Augusta Area. For years, Phylis worked tirelessly to cultivate the idea that there are people who still care about the mentally disadvantaged. For over two decades, she served as the Director of the Mental Health Association of Greater Augusta (now Mental Health America - Augusta Chapter) and of the Friendship Recovery Center. In these positions, she was a principal voice for mental health issues in our community; informing, educating and advocating for those experiencing mental, emotional and behavioral problems. Annually, Phylis made dozens of presentations to employee groups, school groups, civic groups, and others on behalf of the United Way, informing citizens about mental health issues. All the while, she was leading the Friendship Recovery Center, a resocialization center for persons who have mental, emotional and behavioral problems. Because of the respect she earned in the mental health community, she was a capable representative for Augusta on mental health issues both here and across the state. To continue her legacy and to cultivate development of future mental health professionals, the Phylis Holliday Mental Health Scholarship Fund was implemented. This fund will provide scholarship money to a deserving student in the area of Psychology. If you would like to make a donation to this scholarship fund, please write to: Phylis Holliday Scholarship Fund, c/o The Friendship Recovery Center, 1720 Central Avenue, Augusta, Georgia 30904.
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